Trade Shows

After several years of decline, trade show attendance is again on the rise and now is the time to get competitive about attracting people to your booth. What would resonate with people after the assault on their senses that takes place at virtually every show? How can we get people to visit and more importantly, spend time in our trade show booth to increase conversations?

The answer is simple…choose a strategy that offers an attendee the opportunity to rest, reinvigorate and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures – a snack and great cup of coffee!

Plenty of research suggests that people are more likely to make a purchase when they aren’t distracted by their thirst and hunger pangs. Couple this with the fact that trade shows are usually long and tiring events with enough walking to build up an appetite and you will find your prospects and clients looking for an oasis where they can—at least temporarily—relax and regroup. So, if YOU want to be the booth they notice, you’ll want to have “beverage and snack motivators” on hand to keep people’s energy levels up.

That’s why, for many clients, CCI Presents has become an essential part of their corporate trade show programs, year after year.  Attendees need an oasis and welcome a quality alternative to the long lines, high costs, and marginal beverage quality available in most venues.