Baked Goods

We create Conversations

Our Story – The vision of founder Jeffery Davis became a reality in 1997 with the creation of Cappuccino Catering. The first company of its kind, CCI embarked on a mission to create unique, high end hospitality experience reminiscent of the friendly sidewalk cafés prevalent throughout Europe. His imagination sparked by personal experience, Jeff knew that a great cup of coffee was the social lubricant that leads to good conversation.

This realization, coupled with Jeff’s business acumen, told him that there was a better way to attract and keep customers in your trade show booth than handing out pens and trinkets. And wow did it work! Comments from trade show visitors like “You made my day, I’m coming back!” and “I stopped and spent time in the booth while enjoying my coffee where I would have not even stopped before!” were commonplace and clients reported higher booth traffic and ROI than ever before.

From there, the sky was the limit and Cappuccino Catering immediately became the leader in experiential catering services for trade shows, fund raisers grand openings and a multitude of special events worldwide.

Today, CCI Presents serves the finest coffees, baked goods, smoothies, juices, crepes and more. Our upbeat, engaging baristas/brand ambassadors provide a fresh experience every time, as opposed to the typical venue supplied, worn-out convention services staff. With CCI presents you get an upscale and professional experience that your clients and prospects will forever associate with you or your brand.

So, if your clients, supporters, employees or guests deserve the best, start the conversation with CCI Presents. We look forward to making all of your events more profitable and an experience to remember.