Do I have to use the convention center or venue preferred “Union” caterers?

  •  CCI will work with the venue or association to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Do I have to pay convention center corkage fees if I use CCI Presents?  

  • Generally you will see a "corkage" fee on your CCI invoice. We make it easy and handle all of the paperwork with the center or association.

How many cups can CCI presents serve per day?

  • As many as you need. Your CCI account rep will work with your team to determine the perfect amount of servings based upon your estimates of the size of the crowd.  Generally, most of our equipment can produce 100 servings per hour.

Who will be managing my account?

  • Every event is managed by an experienced CCI Account Representative.

Is CCI Presents more expensive than the convention the center services?

  • At CCI it is all about quality of service and value. Our service costs slightly more than the convention center’s but is more than worth the difference in price. Every CCI service includes our Professional Staff, personal Account Rep., tailored made service and the most current and well maintained equipment in the industry.  Early morning walk thru? Just let us know?  VIPs?  We're on it. Remember, in life you usually get what you pay for.

Does CCI Presents serve outside the Chicagoland area?

  • CCI works with venues anywhere around the country and around the world!  Where ever caffeine and good food is needed, CCI Presents can be there.

How much space do you need at our event?

  • Space needs are dependent on the specific services ordered.  Please contact your Account Representative to discuss.

Do I need to supply electricity for your equipment?

  • Yes; Your CCI Account Representative will assist you in ordering the electrical service based upon what services you will be using. Generally speaking, rule most of our equipment requires 2 - 110v electrical outlets with 20 amps of power each.

What type of coffee do you use?

  • We use a propriety blend of beans from Crop To Cup Coffee Company (https://www.croptocup.com/ ). Crop To Cup is a unique coffee company featuring delicious coffee beans grown by passionate small batch, organic farmers in many different parts of the world. In their own words, “Good coffee from good people”. By working with Crop To Cup, CCI supports independent coffee growers as $.25 cents per pound of coffee that we use goes directly back to the farmer.

Do I need additional insurance for your services at the event?

  • We will obtain a certificate of insurance for our service(s) on your behalf.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept checks or credit card payments. (What credit cards?)